The Double Double Ruined My Life


The Double Double Ruined My Life
I used to be happy. I used to be able to love things.
Everything changed when I moved from Indiana to California
That's when I tasted the double double.
And it only costs like 3 bucks
The burger was cheap. But it was too good. It would soon be the measure of my entire life.
I learned my life was worth more than some fast food burger.

It’s truly amazing when delicious and cheap food crosses your path in life. I’ve noticed the foods that seem to overlap on the “Affordable” and “Salivating” venn diagram are always the lowest common denominator of foods. For example, some of the best hotdogs I’ve ever eaten were 2 for $1 and they came with all the chili, cheese, and onions I could stuff down my face. Just remember, cheap is not always bad. Try and find the Double Double of your life.


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