Artists You Should Follow On Instagram


Behind the scenes. That’s where I want to be. And that’s probably why I love following artists I admire on Instagram. The platform makes sharing art so easy, my photo stream is constantly updating with breathtaking in-progress sketches and fully fleshed out masterpieces. I love these nuggets of creativity so much, I complied a short list of artists you should be following on Instagram. Below you will find those talented artists I revere so much and their words of wisdom they were kind enough to share with me.

Alex Solis Instagram

Alex Solis


Chicago, Il

Alex Solis InstagramAlex Solis InstagramAlex Solis InstagramAlex Solis Instagram

“Do projects for yourself. If you love what you do and have fun with it, people will see that, because it reflects through your work!” – Alex Solis

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Derek Laufman Instagram

Derek Laufman

Co-Founder of Halfbot

London, Ontario

Derek Laufman InstagramDerek Laufman InstagramDerek Laufman InstagramDerek Laufman Instagram

“If you really want to be a great artist, never be satisfied with where your skills are at. You should always strive to get better. No matter how good you may think you are you can easily find someone who is more talented. This is not a bad or negative thing, it’s a good thing. Study and learn from them. With the internet at your finger tips you are exposed to so much talent. Go get inspired.” – Derek Laufman

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Josh Hara Instagram

Josh Hara


Columbus, Ohio

Josh Hara InstagramJosh Hara InstagramJosh Hara InstagramJosh Hara Instagram

“The most important thing any creative person can do is to focus on an idea and continue to serve it. Sometimes it will take you to places you’ve never even imagined. But at the very least, it will take you to your next idea.” – Josh Hara

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Michael Jantze Instagram

Michael Jantze

Cartoonist, Illustrator, Author

San Francisco Bay Area

Michael Jantze InstagramMichael Jantze InstagramMichael Jantze InstagramMichael Jantze Instagram

“The keys to anyone’s success are this: Never quit and always create. When you stop working on something, you’ve just guaranteed the outcome…nothing else will happen. Sometimes that’s a good thing, sometimes it a bad thing, especially when it’s a passion. And if you don’t make something everyday, you won’t get better. It’d be like buying a bike and never riding it. You aren’t whatever YOU WANT TO BE until you’re doing it everyday. Period. If you don’t follow those two rules, you’ve just made my life as your competitor easier. So thanks for the extra work and space to create!” – Michael Jantze

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Pernille Ørum Instagram

Pernille Ørum

Animator, Illustrator

Copenhagen, Denmark

Pernille Ørum InstagramPernille Ørum InstagramPernille Ørum InstagramPernille Ørum Instagram

“You can find inspiration everywhere and you should. Keep your eyes and mind open and never stop drawing.” – Pernille Ørum

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Scott Martin Instagram

Scott Martin

Burnt Toast Creative

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Scott Martin InstagramScott Martin InstagramScott Martin InstagramScott Martin Instagram

“For me, creativity is about honesty. If you’re consistently honest with the way you approach each piece then you’ll have a beautifully-consistent style.” – Scott Martin

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Alex, Derek, Josh, Michael, Pernille, and Scott. Thank you SO much for sharing your talent and wisdom with the world. Now what are you waiting for? Go follow these artists!


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