The Lost Art Of Blanket Wrapping


It's getting cold outside. And before you wrap yourself in that blanket, consider these options!
The Classic. Pros: Simple, Innocent, Cozy. Cons: Loose, Unimaginative, Toe Exposure.
The Slug. Pros: Mobile, Low Profile, Snug. Cons: Easy Target, Slug Like Speeds.
The Too Hot Too Cold. Pros: Maximum Air Flow. Cons: Exposed to elements, Vulnerable to Cats
The Galaxy Far Far Away. Pros: Totally Awesome and not lame, Armed and Dangerous. Cons: Lightsaber sound effects not included, temptation from the dark side.
The Not So Inconspicuous. Pros: Tight and Compact, Fools the cat. Cons: Inexplicably Hot, Fool literally no one else. Nothing to see here. Just another couch cushion.
And Finally, The Cuddle. Pros: Keep your loved ones close. Or sometimes known as, The Stink. Cons: Keep your loved ones close.

It’s December and the biggest news story is the cold temperatures. I never would have thought the cold weather from last year would repeat itself again this year! Well I suppose all one can do is become one with the blanket in an attempt to thwart the bitter realization that the Earth’s axis won’t be tilting in your favor for a few more months. Lucky Australians…


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