Must Have PS4 Launch Title


Ice T Kicking RobotsJust the other evening I had the pleasure of watching Mr. Ice T trample, stomp, and punt a helpless horde of baby robots on the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon show. Thankfully this massacre was not real and was simply an augmented reality demo running on the recently launched Playstation 4. This demo seems pretty amazing but I feel Sony is really missing out on a core demographic by not fully utilizing this technology. Why waste your time murdering cybernetic toddlers when you could actually be helping gamers deal with their inner rage in a productive way. So, for your consideration Sony, I would like to introduce you to my new game idea…

Road Rage! Therapy

Simulate Destruction on Every Major U.S. Highway! Even Those Still Under Construction!

Easily Crush, Toss, And Catapult Vehicles With Every Move!

Bonus Points For Eliminating All Drivers Who Don’t Use Turn Signals!

Sprint Down The Carpool Lane And Flatten All Commuters Without Passengers!

Lay Waste To Everything In Your Path As You Make It To The Office In A Matter Of Minutes!

I don’t just WANT this game, Sony. I NEED this game. Please contact me once development is underway. I’d love to help you test all of these new groundbreaking features as well as make sure you accurately capture the destruction I imagine in my head every time I’m on the 405.


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