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Mike Royer

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Pickled Comics is owned and operated entirely by some fool named Mike Royer. Created in the latter half of 2013, Pickled Comics is where Mike likes to put his “pen to paper” and bring his ideas to life. His pain is your gain as he often finds himself trapped on an LA freeway dreaming up his next comic. Let’s hope a consumer jetpack never makes it to market because he may just fly into the mountains and never return.

If you wish to tell Mike he’s doing something stupid or want to tell him to stop looking through your windows, feel free to contact him here.

If you want to stay up to date with all things Pickled Comics, make sure to follow on facebook, twitter, or tumblr. If you are feeling really frisky you could always subscribe via email. Also, learn more about Mike’s squishy brain by reading his blog.

When Mike isn’t busy dreaming about being Spider-Man or writing overly sexual yelp reviews, he seems to like visiting the websites below.

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